God the Master Potter Presentation

John Hunter has been in International Missions Ministry with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) for over 35 years. John’s scope of ministry experience is wide. He is the Missions Outreach & Development Director for Teachers for Africa & serves on the board of Directors for the YWAM Namibia National Leadership Team as well as their Board of Directors. He has been involved with Christian education since 1983 & lectures worldwide on “Men and Nations in the hands of the Master Potter”. John literally travels all over the world teaching at Churches, schools & Mission conferences. His pottery is in galleries around the world & he has international standing in the worldwide Art Community. John is a master potter (45 years) & weaves incredible teaching imagery right before your very eyes as he teaches from the scriptures while he makes pottery on the potter's wheel. His unique gift of “hands on” teaching & speaking make for an amazing ministry presentation! 

“Eternal Writing”
    “If you write upon paper, a careless hand may destroy it; if you write upon parchment, the dust of centuries may gather over it; if you write upon marble, the moss may cover it & the elements may erase it; if you engrave your thoughts with a pen of iron upon the granite cliff, in the slow revolving years it shall wear away, & when the earth melts your writing will perish. 
    Write, then, upon the heart of a youth. There engrave your thoughts, & they shall endure when the world shall pass away & the stars shall fall, & time shall be no more. For that heart is immortal, and  your thoughts written there shall live through all eternity.”
                                                                                                                                                                                      Author Unknown

About SCREAM Ministries:

   For over 20 years SCREAM Ministries has been the one stop shop for creating amazing christian ministry events for children, youth & families. Our mission is to create retreat ministry and interactive concert environments that impact 3rd-8th graders with the truth of the Gospel in a language that is relevant to their age bracket. Additionally we provide ministry services that assist and enhance any Youth or Children’s program. Our ministries include Spiritual Growth Retreat weekends, Interactive Christian concerts, an internationally ranked Stunt Bike Team, Game Nights, Professional Airbrush Facepainting, a team of gifted Youth Communicators / Speakers, a selection of seasoned Bands and Worship Teams, Interim Youth Ministry solutions, Videography - Photography and Computer services, PA System installation - rental and sales, and Children’s Outreach programming. We impact over 5,000 young people each year! Call us today to help you create a ministry solution that will impact your students and families for a lifetime!

Short Term Interim Youth Ministry for Churches

In a day when the average life of a church Youth or Children’s Pastor is a little under one year, the only sure thing is that change is inevitable in the world of youth ministry. This can often create instability in the life of your student ministry or congregation. Enter SCREAM Ministries. A spiritually solid short or long term solution for a church that is without a Youth Minister. We bridge the gap while a church is searching for their “full or part time” guy. Mark Manuel has been in professional Youth Ministry for over 30 years & can bring skilled organization, technology, sound teaching, relevant worship, & a vibrant relational youth ministry approach to your student program on a part time basis. Whether your program is 10 or 100 kids, call us today to successfully take your student ministry to the next level with our Interim Youth Ministry solution.

Youth Concerts & Worship Events for Kids

In need of a powerful, life changing, incredibly fun concert presentation for your children’s or student ministry? Let SCREAM Ministries provide your youth program with a live, high energy worship evening. Choose from one of 3 amazing regional / national worship bands, an internationally ranked Stunt Bike Team, and a list of incredible communicators that specialize in reaching this generation for Christ in a relevant context. We bring everything you need. . . complete PA system, lighting, etc. Also great for your own organization’s retreat ministry weekend or outreach event.

Professional Airbrush Facepainting

Our Professional Airbrush Artists are unlike anything you have ever seen! This is not the cheap, hand painted approach but high tech airbrush painting at it’s best. Our artists paint for all of the professional athletic events including Turner field events and Six Flags. All non toxic, hypo-allergenic paints with dozens of designs and templates to choose from. Combine this event option with any of our youth event choices for an unforgettable evening of fun for your kids!

Children’s Interactive Game Nights / Events

What do you get when you combine dozens of crazy interactive large & small group games, awesome prizes, non-stop action with our MC and music team, and a life changing message for kids? You get one of the best children’s events in existence! Great for VBS, schools, and church groups of any size. Games include Rocket blasters, The 4 Way Grinder Tug of War, Fingerblasters, Extreme Dodgeball, Commercial Grade Trike Races, The Great Waterballoon BASH, and more! Call today to schedule this event for your students. It will be a night they will remember for a long time.

Extreme Sports / Stunt Bike Team

Choose from five of our World Class Trials Bike Competitors to complement any program you put on for any age bracket. We arrive with all props, PA, music, scaffolding and camera / video gear for your custom designed event. Landing light as a feather from a 10 foot drop, 4 foot high bunny hops, scaling 5 to 10 foot vertical heights with no hands or feet touching the ground - these amazing feats of dexterity, balance, and skill defy logic! Our top rider recently won 18th place in the UCI World Trials Championships in Fort William, Scotland. He is ranked #1 in the US Jr Elite National competitions. Don’t miss their crazy unbelievable acrobatics on super lightweight trials bikes! Combine this event with many of our other ministry options to create an unforgettable event for your group. For more info check out our Stunt Bike Team videos.

Children’s & Family Ministry Interactive Concerts

Our Family / Kids Concerts are like a SCREAM Retreat weekend all rolled into a 2 hour interactive Concert presentation! High energy, live music from our 5 piece band, crazy interactive games with the audience, an amazing performance from our nationally ranked stunt bike team, and a captivating, life changing message for the kids help create an evening program that your group will remember for a long time! This is one of THE BEST programs to kick off your season of programming for your organization. Let us show you how you can have this amazing event for FREE! Call today to book your family / kids concert event.

SCREAM Children’s Retreat Weekends

Our children’s 3rd - 5th grade retreat ministry mission is to introduce and lead young people into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ through a creative ministry platform that includes awesome live worship bands, national & regional Christian Speakers / Communicators, personal one on one prayer & ministry time with team leaders, hilarious “Walk On’ comedy characters, crazy high energy - interactive games, high and low Ropes Course / Group Dynamics, break out discussion groups, great food, fun & fellowship and Internationally ranked Stunt Biker performers. All these come together to help create a life-changing experiential encounter with the Creator of the universe! See more info on the SCREAM Retreats page.

Norcross SCREAM - 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Outreach

S.C.R.E.A.M. stands for “Students Celebrating and Rejoicing Enthusiastically in the Almighty Messiah.” Norcross SCREAM is the original launching point of our children’s ministry vision and is still going strong after 21 years! This Christian Kids program helps provide young people with a strong christian foundation through a relationship with Jesus Christ and enables them to more successfully weather the challenges of their upcoming middle school years. For more info on the Norcross SCREAM outreach please visit  www.norcrossscream.com

Cumberland Island National Seashore Winter Expedition

A Georgia Coastal Island inhabited only by raccoons, wild horses, armadillos, beautiful pristine shoreline, ancient live oak forests, & unusual ruins left by cultures from the past. Cumberland Island is 17.5 miles long and totals 36,415 acres of which 16,850 are marsh, mud flats, & tidal creeks. It is well known for its sea turtles, wild turkeys, abundant shore birds, dune fields, salt marshes, & historic structures. Expect Fun, faith, friends, fellowship, The Annual Cumberland Island Scavenger Hunt, Singing, Music, Crazy games, Good Food, Killer, Boscoe, critters, Awards, Bonfire, time to chill out, Kite flying, hiking, tree climbing, late night beach walks, incredible ocean sunrises, boat rides, giant live oaks, Nuclear Submarine sightings, dolphins, and much much more. This is a once a year event that will impact your students for a lifetime!