“Eternal Writing”
    “If you write upon paper, a careless hand may destroy it; if you write upon parchment, the dust of centuries may gather over it; if you write upon marble, the moss may cover it & the elements may erase it; if you engrave your thoughts with a pen of iron upon the granite cliff, in the slow revolving years it shall wear away, & when the earth melts your writing will perish. 
    Write, then, upon the heart of a youth. There engrave your thoughts, & they shall endure when the world shall pass away & the stars shall fall, & time shall be no more. For that heart is immortal, and  your thoughts written there shall live through all eternity.”

About SCREAM Ministries:

   For over 20 years SCREAM Childrens Ministries has been the one stop shop for creating amazing christian ministry events for children, youth & families. Our mission is to create retreat ministry and interactive concert environments that impact 3rd-6th graders with the truth of the Gospel in a language that is relevant to their age bracket. Additionally we provide ministry services that assist and enhance any Children’s program. Our ministries include Spiritual Growth Retreat weekends, Interactive Christian concerts for kids and families, an internationally ranked Stunt Bike Team, Game Nights, Professional Airbrush Facepainting Artists, Jugglers and Illusionists, a team of gifted Youth Communicators / Speakers, a selection of seasoned Bands / Worship Teams, Interim Youth or Childrens Ministry solutions, Videography - Photography for Youth / Childrens events and Children’s Outreach programming. We impact over 5,000 young people each year! Call us today to help you create a ministry solution that will impact your young ones and their families for a lifetime!

2018 Fall Retreat
Promo VIdeo
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Welcome to our temporary website! We are in the process of constructing a NEW SCREAM Childrens Ministries web presence with many more incredible features to communicate with our thousands of families / children and hundreds of churches / Childrens Ministries across the southeast! Thanks for your patience. In the mean time, check out the details for the 2017 Fall SCREAM Childrens Retreat at the Woodlands Retreat Center ! Looking forward to partnering with Church and Ministry leaders to help influence your children and families with a life changing and lasting impact !


Mark Manuel

Executive Director, SCREAM Ministries Inc.